Human Resources Strategic System

  • flexHR@HRMS
  • flexHR@ESS
  • flexHR@HRSS
    • Performance Scorecard
    • Performance Reward
    • Training
    • Succession Plan
    • Career Plan
    • Recruitment & Selection
    • Recruitment Portal
    • Manpower Plan
    • Employee Relations
    • OrgChart

The HRSS Modules Cluster 

The strategic Human Capital planning and management platform incorporating performance balanced scorecard, high performers talent pool with succession and career tracking and performance based compensation management.


  • Flexible template by business unit, job & grade for performance form assignment
  • Unlimited sections, details (criteria) & score scales within form
  • Combine score from multiple forms
  • flexNotz continuous & evidence base appraisal
  • High performers pool for succession and career planning
  • Proficiency gap guided training planning
  • Full cycle recruitment process, i.e. job requisition to job offer


  • Performance shaped to emphasize company policy and culture
  • Moderation of skewed score to adjust performance reward
  • Corporate portal & brand enhanced with recruitment capabilities
  • New recruit’s data auto updates employee database
  • Stronger training impact from performance gap aligned training plan
  • Enriched analytics insights from the 3 cluster’s combined data
  • Improved evidence based decision from prescriptive and predictive insights